Sup! My name is Yura 馃憢

I’m an author of CatOps Telegram channel and a Newsletter about DevOps and other issues, but mostly DevOps.

  • Working as SRE focusing on different infrastructure projects. Mostly Kubernetes related.
  • Originally from Kyiv. Currently, located in Berlin.
  • You can find more information about me on the About page as well as my occasional public talks here (none of them is in English, though)

Types of Technical Interviews

Initially, I wrote this article in Ukrainian, but I decided to translate it to English and share it with a broader audience. I also added some suggestions from the comments and removed some regional-specific references, but overall the text is mostly unchanged compared to the original. Why am I even writing this? I participate in the hiring process for my company. Also, I鈥檝e gone through quite a few interviews in my life....

April 8, 2023 路 11 min 路 Yurii Rochniak

My Notes from Fosdem & Config Management Camp 2023

My Notes from Fosdem & Config Management Camp Read on Substack. Sup! It鈥檚 been a while. So, both Fosdem and Config Management Camp conferences are back offline. Thus, I鈥檝e spent a long weekend at my usual Belgian conferences. Here I want to share some notes with you from the talks I attended. I鈥檓 lazy, so I didn鈥檛 take notes in real-time. On one hand, this may be a reason these notes be not super accurate....

February 9, 2023 路 12 min 路 Yurii Rochniak

Building a CLI application in Go: Part 0

Building a CLI application in Go: Part 0 Intro I have written a tiny CLI app that can update the storage class of objects in an AWS S3 Bucket. To be completely honest, this tool is rather useless in the wild. You can achieve the same results natively with AWS S3 Lifecycle policies. However, this app is my opportunity to talk about writing CLI applications in Go as well as speculate about pet projects in general....

September 2, 2022 路 6 min 路 Yurii Rochniak

A Letter to Tech Community

Dear tech community, there is a lot of information about Russian invasion in Ukraine right now. This is truly important to spread only the information that came from trustworthy sources! Also, NEVER SHARE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT UKRAINIAN FORCES! There are ongoing fishing attacks on Ukraine right now. I bet as tech people you know pretty well, how to deal with that. However, you can share information about how protect themselves to your less experienced friends and family members....

February 26, 2022 路 2 min 路 Yurii Rochniak

The Results of My Kubernetes Survey

Kubernetes Survey Results Not so long ago, I created a survey to understand how people manage their Kubernetes clusters. I got more than a hundred responses from Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, and DOU, 102 to be precise. Now, I am ready to share it with you! You can find all the raw data via this link. This text is also available in Ukrainian. A backstory (skippable content) After, I wrote the article about Kubernetes backups - Why backup Kubernetes?...

February 17, 2022 路 11 min 路 Yurii Rochniak