I do talks on DevOps-ish topics about both technologies and processes. I can make it in English, Ukrainian, or Russian.

If you are interested in having me speak at an internal or external event, you can get in touch via yrochnyak@gmail.com

Previous Talks

Guest speaker at “Потестим в проде” (rus)

Casually speaking about the common problems in devops-ish terminology, differences between IT market in Kyiv and Berlin, and if you need Kubernetes to run your personal blog

Guest speaker at “Дизлайк відписка” (ukr)

Just a casual talk about the career path and also community building experience. Told some stories about CatOps Telegram channel and HashiCorp User Group Kyiv

HashiCorp Meetup Saint Petersburg (rus)

In this talk I speak about how to setup and configure HashiCorp Vault on AWS with S3 and DynamoDB backend using public Terraform module. I also walk through some benefits of this setup.

CI Doesn’t Start With Jenkins (rus)

In this talk I speak about how we configured CICD process in Preply. I cover not only the technical aspect, but also changes in development workflows, which allowed us to deploy a monolitic application as few times a day without fear.