Dear tech community, there is a lot of information about Russian invasion in Ukraine right now. This is truly important to spread only the information that came from trustworthy sources!


There are ongoing fishing attacks on Ukraine right now. I bet as tech people you know pretty well, how to deal with that. However, you can share information about how protect themselves to your less experienced friends and family members. Here Vlad Styran put together some advises on that. You can also find it on GitHub in Ukrainian.

I mentioned that you can only use verified sources of information. Definitely, you shouldn’t use Russian-terrorist sources! You can find the list of websites THAT YOU SHOULD NEVER TRUST via this link.

Also, you need to be sure that your websites are resistant to attacks. You can do that using HTTP benchmarking tools like Bombardier. Moreover, you can even check, how your website can sustain a DDoS attack using DDoS-Ripper. There are a couple of Telegram groups that conduct regular workshops on how to use these tools as well as how-tos For example, this tutorial, or this Telegram group or this one, and this channel. This group is useful as well. All these groups are in Ukrainian, though.

What else you can do. If you’re a business owner or a top-manager, block access to your services and apps from Russia. Cloudonaut actually did it. Be like Cloudonaut!

If you’re an individual contributor, talk to your management about this. The whole civilised World imposed sanctions against Russia. If your company wants to stay aside and make some bloody money, think twice if you want to work there. Remember, there is a shortage of experienced tech workforce in the World right now! So, you can actually leverage businesses!

Stand with Ukraine! Слава Україні!